Awesome Tooth Fairy Letter Printable

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I’m so happy to share today’s free printable with you!  I had so much fun making this Tooth Fairy letter printable.

I tried to make this note from the Tooth Fairy appropriate for boys and girls both.

It has a blue background with clouds and a picture of the Tooth Fairy.  The official stamp of the Tooth Fairy at the bottom will let your child know that this is an authentic letter from the Tooth Fairy.

I made a matching Tooth Fairy receipt to go with this Tooth Fairy letter too.Opens in a new tab.

If this happens to be your child’s first tooth they’ve lost, you might rather have this special Tooth Fairy First Tooth Letter.Opens in a new tab.

And if the Tooth Fairy ever forgets to come to your house, you’ll definitely need this Tooth Fairy apology letterOpens in a new tab. to get her off the hook.

The Tooth Fairy leaves different gifts at each house, but if you want a special little gift to leave from the Tooth Fairy, this magical Tooth Fairy coloring pageOpens in a new tab. is just the thing.  It also makes a great apology gift if the Tooth Fairy forgot to show up.

I also made this Tooth Fairy letter for boysOpens in a new tab. if you need something a little less girly for your little guys.

And if you have a girl who loves pretty things, this Tooth Fairy letter for girlsOpens in a new tab. is an awesome note for her.

Last but not least, I made an editable mini tooth shaped Tooth Fairy letter if you want to leave a personalized message for your childOpens in a new tab. from the Tooth Fairy to make her visit extra special.

Tiny editable instant download tooth shaped tooth fairy letter

You can also leave your little one a magical Tooth Fairy wand with a special note from the Tooth Fairy on it by using my editable star shaped Tooth Fairy letter templateOpens in a new tab. and attaching a toothpick to make a fairy wand.

Mini Tooth Fairy Letter wand in pink with personalized note from the Tooth Fairy

How To Print A Tiny Tooth Fairy Letter With This Free Printable

  1. Click the link or image below to get the free printable Tooth Fairy letter.
  2. When the PDF opens, click the print icon in the top right corner.
  3. Once the print menu opens, click “More Settings”, choose paper size 4″x6″, and then choose “Fit To Printable Area”.  Choosing these settings will shrink down the Tooth Fairy letter printable to a mini fairy size and it’s adorable!

How To Print The Full Size Tooth Fairy Letter Printable

  1. Click the link or image below to open the Tooth Fairy letter PDF.
  2. To print out a full page US letter size Tooth Fairy letter, click the print icon in the top right corner and click print when the print menu box comes up.
  3. That’s it!

I hope you like the Tooth Fairy message for your child that I wrote in this note.

I wanted to keep it simple because everyone has their own Tooth Fairy stories and making them too involved can get you into trouble.

I also wanted to reward the good behavior of brushing their teeth and encourage them to continue with good dental hygiene.


Tooth Fairy letter printable blue with clouds cute Tooth Fairy official stamp

See all 5 of my free Tooth Fairy letters here.Opens in a new tab.

See all 5 of my free Tooth Fairy receipts here.Opens in a new tab.

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