Cute mitten templates

8 Cute Mitten Templates

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Winter is my favorite season because it’s cold and I get to cozy up in snuggly clothes like big coats and mittens.

I made these cute mitten templates to help you make amazing crafts and decorations this winter.

If you’re working on lots of Christmas crafts like me, be sure to check out my post with 100+ Christmas templates.

Do you know what goes great with mittens…winter hats!  You can grab my winter hat templates here.

Large Blank Mitten Template

Each of these mitten templates is a full page which makes these large mitten templates perfect for making crafts, coloring or decorating.  Print the mitten stencil on paper, color and cut out or use it to cut out your own construction paper, craft foam, poster board or fabric mittens.

The PDF includes one right mitten and one left mitten.  Just click the link above to get the pair of mittens template.

full page large blank mitten template

large blank mitten template printable

Mitten Template Printable

This is a medium sized mitten template with the pair of mittens on one page turned horizontally.  These simple mittens are easy to color and cut out for preschool kids.

This blank mitten stencil has a nice dark mitten outline that makes it easy to cut along for little kids.

medium sized mitten template printable

Small Mitten Outline Templates

These small mitten templates print 6 pairs per page.  They’re great when you need a little mitten outline for your project or for coloring.

The mittens are blank so you can use them for many different crafts and activities.

small mitten outline templates black and white

Winter Mitten Template

This medium sized winter mitten template prints one pair of mittens per page.  These are great to use as a mitten coloring page or for crafts that need a larger mitten template but not really big.

Winter mitten template with design

Full Page Mitten Cut Out Pattern

These large mitten templates have a cute pattern on them to make fun coloring pages or a stencil to cut out.

Each mitten template is a full page which makes them perfect for large projects like bulletin boards and wall decorations.

full page mitten cut out patternlarge mitten cut out pattern

Free Printable Mitten Template

This fuzzy mitten template is my favorite because they seem so cozy.

Each one is a full page mitten stencil for large projects.

These would make great Santa mittens because of the fur trim around the bottom.

full page free printable mitten template

large free printable mitten template

Small Mitten Stencil

Use these small mitten templates for your winter projects that require a little pair of mittens.

These little mitten stencils print 2 pairs per page and are blank so they can be used to trace onto colored paper or for coloring in and cutting out.

small mitten stencils, pairs per page

Mitten Craft Template

This free printable mitten craft template is so cute with the snowflake.

It’s a simple mitten outline that’s easy to cut out with a few elements that can be colored in.

Each mitten shape is a full page.

large mitten craft template free printable

full page mitten craft template

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