Cute New Year’s Resolution Worksheets (Free Printable)

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Getting kids in the habit of setting goals and New Year’s resolutions is a great way to help them move toward the things they want to achieve in life.  I made these cute New Year’s resolution worksheets to help kids set goals for the year to come and inspire themselves to work toward everything they want in the new year.

Since I can remember I’ve been making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals for the year ahead and it has helped me get so far in life.  If we don’t think about what we really want, we end up getting less than we would hope for.

Goal setting is a great new year activity to do with kids at home or at school in the classroom.

Not only will these goal setting worksheets help them get clear on what they want for the new year, but it can also help them think even further into the future about what their big dreams and goals are.

These New Year goals worksheets will help kids set their big goal for the year as well as some smaller goals that they’d like to work on achieving that may or may not be related to the big goal.

The New Year goals templates have prompts to help kids come up with ideas for their New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve made 2 versions of the New Year’s worksheet.  One is a New Year’s resolution coloring page in black and white and the other is a full color New Year’s resolution worksheet.  Choose the one that fits your needs most.


How To Print The New Year’s Resolution Worksheets

  • Below each image, you’ll see a link to download the New Year’s resolution worksheet.
  • Click the link for the goal setting worksheet you’d like to print.
  • A New Year’s resolution PDF file will open. Please note that I share these files with Google Drive.  If you’re trying to download from a school or office network and experience problems, it is most likely due to your network not allowing file sharing.  Trying from a different network or device should fix the problem.
  • Use the printer arrow in the top right corner to print out your goals worksheet.  You can also use the arrow icon to download it to your device for future use.

New Year’s Resolution Worksheet Coloring Page

This coloring page goal setting worksheet for the new year gives kids something to color as well as being a great writing activity for students.

Kids can set their intentions for the new year by filling in the blanks for the prompts provided.

Children will enjoy coloring in the big Happy New Year at the top of the page and the fun party elements at the bottom.

New Year's Resolution Worksheet .Coloring Page


New Year’s Goal Setting Worksheet

This New Year’s goal setting worksheet is colorful and cute.

P.S.  You don’t have to be a kid to use this fun New Year’s worksheet to plan your goals.  Most of the prompts can apply to all ages.

Hang it where it can be seen daily to remind them of their goals so they keep their New Year intentions in mind every day and continue to work toward them.

New Year goal setting worksheet with prompts


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