Free Printable Password Tracker Fillable PDF pink floral peonies

Free Pretty Password Tracker PDF

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Free Printable Password Tracker Fillable PDF pink floral peonies

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly having to get an email to change your password because you can’t remember what it is.

When running an online business you end up with A LOT of passwords to remember and now with the added security most sites want you to have a very complicated password that you’ll never remember on your own.

I created this password tracker PDF to keep track of all of my own passwords and I wanted to share it with you so you can eliminate the frustration of trying to keep your passwords organized too.

How To Use The Password Tracker Fillable PDF

The coolest part about this free password tracker is that it’s a fillable PDF which means you can fill it in right on your computer if you don’t want to print it out and hand write all of the passwords and usernames.

Using the password log as a fillable PDF allows you to go in and change any passwords when you change them so it’s always updated.  Plus you can just copy and past your username and password straight from the site to your password tracker PDF.

Once you open the PDF, you’ll see some light blue boxes.  This is where you can type in your information.  There’s a space for your email, username, password, and a note if you need to remember anything special about that site.

I would recommend saving a copy of your filled in password worksheet in the cloud or somewhere that you can access it if your computer goes down.

The password tracker PDF is also printable so you can print it out and keep it somewhere safe if you want to do it that way.

I love making printables and I wanted to design a pretty password tracker for us ladies so I added some peonies and pink text to make it a feminine and cute floral design.

I made this printable password cheat sheet template with 24 places for passwords so you should have plenty of space to keep track of everything.

I hope you enjoy this printable password keeper and it helps you stay organized in your life and business.


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