Cute printable tooth fairy receipt with turquoise background, barcode, and official Tooth Fairy mail stamp

The Cutest Printable Tooth Fairy Receipt

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If your child has just lost a tooth and is completely over the moon excited for the Tooth Fairy visit, this cute printable Tooth Fairy receipt is going to help you make it extra magical.

I’m so excited to share this Tooth Fairy receipt with you because I think it’s the cutest one I’ve made so far.  I love all the little teeth around the Tooth Fairy in the graphic.

I think this one is cute for girls or boys.  I tried not to make it too feminine looking, but it is a fairy.  If you need a Tooth Fairy receipt especially for boys, I have one here that I think you’ll like.

I also made printable Tooth Fairy letters to go with these receipts.  The matching one for this receipt is here.

You can see all 5 of my Tooth Fairy letters here.

I made these printable Tooth Fairy receipts a fillable PDF so that you can type your child’s information right onto the receipt and avoid having them recognize your handwriting.

This is also a mini Tooth Fairy receipt that prints out at  3.75″x 2.5″.  You can make it even smaller so that it’s a tiny Tooth Fairy receipt by choosing a smaller paper size in your print menu.

If you’d like to leave a customized note from the Tooth Fairy along with your receipt, I have a super cute tooth shaped mini Tooth Fairy letter that you can edit with your child’s name and a personalized message just for your little one.

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How To Edit And Print The Tooth Fairy Receipt

  1. Click the link or picture below to get access to the Tooth Fairy Receipt printable PDF.
  2. Once it opens, you’ll see text boxes where you can type in your child’s name, age, the date, condition of the tooth and amount given.
  3. For the tooth condition, click on the box next to the condition you want to choose and it will make a check mark in the box.
  4. After you have it all filled in, click the print icon at the top right corner.
  5. When the print menu pops up, you can click “Print” if you want to print the Tooth Fairy receipt at the size I designed it or you can go to “More Settings” and choose a smaller paper size to print a tiny version.
  6. Cut around the edge and it’s ready to use.

How To Make A Glitter Tooth Fairy Receipt

If you want to make your Tooth Fairy receipt even more magical, you can make it a glitter Tooth Fairy receipt by spraying it with spray adhesive and sprinkling glitter on it.

I like to use an extra fine clear iridescent glitter like this one so you can see the receipt through the glitter but still have the beautiful sparkle.

Download The Free Printable Tooth Fairy Receipt

Cute printable tooth fairy receipt with turquoise background, barcode, and official Tooth Fairy mail stamp

If your little one swallowed or misplaced their tooth and is worried the Tooth Fairy won’t come, they’ll be super surprised to find this cute Tooth Fairy letter under their pillow in the morning.

swallowed or misplaced tooth Tooth Fairy letter editable

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