Cute Tooth Fairy Gift Ideas

The Cutest Tooth Fairy Gifts

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Kids are always excited for a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Whether your little one has just lost their tooth and you need a last minute Tooth Fairy gift or has a wiggly tooth about to come out, I’ve got you covered with some of the cutest Tooth Fairy gifts that you can DIY or buy.

How much does the Tooth Fairy give in 2023?

The going rate for the Tooth Fairy in 2023 is between $1 and $10 according to a poll of my audience with the average amount the Tooth Fairy gives coming in at about $5.  In addition many parents left other little gifts like a note from the Tooth Fairy and other trinkets.

I think many kids would be even more happy with a special gift from the Tooth Fairy than money.  That’s why I put together this list of creative gift ideas from the Tooth Fairy.

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Personalized Mini Tooth Fairy Letter

If your little one has lost their tooth and you have no cash on hand for the Tooth Fairy to leave, one of these tiny editable Tooth Fairy letters is a really special gift that the Tooth Fairy can leave.

There are mini Tooth Fairy letters for just about any situation that you can personalize with your child’s name and any message that you like.

There’s one for the first tooth lost, a swallowed or missing tooth, and even a Tooth Fairy apology letter if the Tooth Fairy forgot to come.

The best part is that they’re printable so this can be an easy DIY Tooth Fairy gift that your child will be over the moon about.

They’re super tiny fairy sized letters to make them extra special and magical.

You can use the same one over and over again by simply changing the message for each tooth your child loses.

Tiny editable instant download tooth shaped tooth fairy letter

You can also grab my free printable Tooth Fairy letters here if you don’t need a personalized one.

Editable Tooth Fairy Envelope and Play Money

If  you’re caught off guard by your child losing their tooth and need a quick last minute Tooth Fairy gift in a hurry, this cute editable money envelope from the Tooth Fairy and printable Tooth Fairy play money will be sure to put a smile on your child’s face in the morning.

This is another great one for when you don’t have any cash on hand but need a thoughtful gift from the Tooth Fairy.

editable Tooth Fairy envelope and play money

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Receipts

These free printable Tooth Fairy receipts are editable so you can fill in your child’s name and all the details about their tooth.

Tooth Fairy receipt templates you can personalize

Tooth Fairy Coins

DIY Glitter Tooth Fairy Money

Many ways of making glitter money permanently deface the money which is not ideal.

To make glitter money that you can remove the glitter from and still spend, use any coins you have and put a coat of clear nail polish or Elmer’s glue on.  Then sprinkle on any color of glitter that you like.

If you ever want to remove the glitter, you can use nail polish remover for the clear nail polish or peel off the coat of Elmer’s glue.

You can also do this with dollar bills by using hairspray.  Just spray some hairspray on the dollar bill, sprinkle on the glitter and then spray with another coat of hairspray.  The glitter will eventually wear off.

This DIY glitter Tooth Fairy money is a great last minute gift idea from the Tooth Fairy if your child lost their tooth right before bedtime or if you forgot until the last minute and want to leave something special for them.

diy glitter tooth fairy coins

Tooth Fairy Gold Coins

If you’re planning in advance, you can also purchase Tooth Fairy coins as a Tooth Fairy present for your little one.

I like these Tooth Fairy coins because they’re made from metal, not plastic, so they feel like real coins.  Plus they’re super cute with Tooth Fairy designs on them!

Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow

DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

You can make a personalized Tooth Fairy pillow for your little one as a gift from the Tooth Fairy.  This also makes it easier for the Tooth Fairy to find the tooth.

There’s even a little pocket to leave money or a little note in.

This is a no sew Tooth Fairy pillow that’s super easy to make and is a cute gift for the Tooth Fairy to leave.

You can get my free Tooth Fairy pillow pattern and tutorial here.

Tooth template for DIY tooth fairy pillow

Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy pillows make it easy for the Tooth Fairy to find that little tiny tooth in the dark.  So not only is this a great gift from the Tooth Fairy, but also helps the Tooth Fairy out.

This is a really cute personalized Tooth Fairy pillow for boys.  It has dinosaurs plus a cute tooth pouch and your child’s name and monogram.

This is a similar style to the DIY Tooth Fairy pillow above, but you don’t have to make it yourself.  This is a cute Tooth Fairy gift for girls.  You can customize it with your child’s name and the color of hair bow you want.

Tooth Fairy Book

The Tooth Fairy can leave this book as a gift for your little one for their first tooth lost and it can be a tradition to read it every time they lose a tooth and are waiting for a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

It’s a funny story about all the ways that kids have tried to catch the Tooth Fairy.

Tooth Fairy Door

This Tooth Fairy door kit makes the perfect Tooth Fairy gift idea.

You can either place it so your child is surprised to wake up and find that the Tooth Fairy now has her own door into your house or their room or the Tooth Fairy can leave the kit so you and your child can set it up together to make sure the Tooth Fairy has her own magical door to come in next time.

Since this is a tiny door, it makes the perfect magical Tooth Fairy gift.

Tooth Fairy Jar

This fairy jar is a unique gift for the Tooth Fairy to leave as a gift.

Your little one can catch virtual fairies in their jar.  There’s a cute little heart shape that lifts up on the lid to let the fairies into the jar and then they appear on a screen on the front of the jar.

If you’re looking for an extra special gift from the Tooth Fairy, this cute jar is perfect.  It comes in pink, blue, and glow in the dark.

Tooth Fairy Box

This cute little tooth box is the perfect gift for the Tooth Fairy to leave on her first visit so your little one can leave each tooth they lose in it for her.

They can also have fun playing with it in between Tooth Fairy visits.

The box glows in the dark and there’s a little compartment inside to put the tooth to make it easy for the Tooth Fairy to find.

This is a small Tooth Fairy box that’s about 3 inches which makes it the perfect Tooth Fairy gift.

Since it doesn’t have any other colors on it, it’s a great Tooth Fairy gift for boys or girls.

Tooth Fairy Necklace

A Tooth Fairy necklace is a great Tooth Fairy gift idea.  This one has a little poem that goes along with it too!

The necklace has the Tooth Fairy holding a tooth and comes in silver or rose gold with blue stones.

What a special gift for the Tooth Fairy to leave a little girl.

Fairy Potions Kit

What better for the Tooth Fairy to leave as a gift than a Fairy Potions Kit!

This set has all sorts of crafty glitters and liquids so your child can make their own magic potions.

It comes with recipes or they can just mix up their own concoctions.

This would be a memorable gift from the Tooth Fairy.

Tooth Fairy T-Shirt

These Tooth Fairy T-shirts are a fun gift for the Tooth Fairy to leave.  They come in different colors so you can find the perfect one for your child.

Imagine your child’s surprise when they find a special shirt just for them from the Tooth Fairy!

This could be a fun tradition for them to wear when they lose a tooth and are waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come each time.

Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

If you’re looking for a free last minute Tooth Fairy gift, this Tooth Fairy coloring page that I designed will do the trick.

It’s fun for any age to color and has the Tooth Fairy sitting on a tooth with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss around her.

You can leave this as a gift from the Tooth Fairy if you don’t have any cash on hand or leave it as an additional gift.

Free printable tooth fairy coloring page with teeth, floss, toothbrush, toothpaste



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