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THE BEST Ugly Sweater Templates

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If you’re having an ugly sweater party or decorating in an ugly sweater theme this year, you’re going to LOVE these ugly sweater templates I put together for you.

I tried to make this the best list of ugly sweater templates so you can find just the right one for your project.

You’ll find blank ugly sweater templates in small, medium, and large sizes as well as designed ugly Christmas sweater templates that you can print and cut out or use as ugly sweater coloring pages.

I hope you find just what you’re looking for to complete your holiday crafts and decorating!

If you’re having an ugly sweater party, you’re gonna love this Ugly Sweater Party Set that I made!  There’s an ugliest sweater award certificate, ugly sweater voting cards, an ugly sweater voting sign, an editable invitation, and bag toppers.

ugly sweater party set with invitation, voting game, and bag toppers


Be sure to also check out my complete list of over 100 Christmas templates here.

Surprise your kids with a special package from the North Pole this Christmas season!  There are editable templates for Santa mail, reindeer mail, and elf mail.

Editable North Pole shipping labels, Santa Mail label, Reindeer Mail stickers, Elf Mail labels

Blank Ugly Sweater Template

This blank ugly sweater template allows you to go wild and create your own ugly sweater design using paint, colored pencils, crayons, and embellishments.

The ugly Christmas sweater stencil is a large full page template for big craft projects.

large full page blank ugly sweater template

Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater Template

This is another large ugly sweater template.  It prints on a full page.

You’re going to love this reindeer ugly Christmas sweater template for your craft projects or ugly sweater party decorations.

reindeer ugly christmas sweater template

Christmas Sweater Template

Here’s another blank Christmas sweater template that you can use to make your own ugly sweater design for your party decor or holiday crafts.

This is also a full page ugly sweater stencil that you can cut out.

blank Christmas sweater template full page

Ugly Christmas Sweater Design Template

This ugly Christmas sweater template is the last of the large blank ones.  It prints on a full page so you can design your own ugly Christmas sweater to go with your party or holiday decorations.

blank ugly christmas sweater design template

Ugly Christmas Sweater Template Free

The gingerbread man on this free ugly Christmas sweater template is the cutest!

This ugly sweater template is a large stencil that prints out on a full page.

gingerbread man ugly christmas sweater template free printable

Mini Printable Sweater Template

These mini printable ugly sweater templates are blank so you can make your own Christmas ugly sweater design.

You can usse these small sweater templates to make an ugly sweater banner.

small ugly sweater templates free printable

Snowman Ugly Sweater Printable Template

Cut out this free ugly sweater printable template with a cute snowman for your larger craft projects and winter decorating needs.

This would be great for a winter or ugly sweater themed bulletin board.

This ugly sweater stencil prints on a full page.

snowman ugly sweater printable template black and white outline

Ugly Christmas Sweater Coloring Page

These mini ugly Christmas sweater templates can be used as stencils, cut outs or an ugly sweater coloring page.

It has a lot of details which would make it better suited for older kids or adults to color in.

I think these are some of the ugliest ugly sweaters!

ugly christmas sweater coloring page free printable

Blank Sweater Coloring Page

These medium sized blank sweater templates can be used as an ugly Christmas sweater coloring page to make your own fun ugly sweater design.

These ugly sweater stencils print 2 per page.

blank sweater coloring page with 2 blank sweaters to design

Ugly Sweater Template Cut Out

This ugly sweater template to cut out will have you feeling festive with the big decorated Christmas tree on the front.

This is a full page large ugly Christmas sweater stencil.

Christmas tree ugly sweater template to cut out

Tacky Christmas Sweater Outline Template

I think the stripes on this ugly sweater template make this one extra tacky.

It’s a full page ugly sweater cut out to use for your large projects.

tacky christmas sweater template black and white outline

Reindeer Ugly Sweater Stencil

This large reindeer ugly sweater template can be used as a coloring page or stencil to cut out.

reindeer ugly sweater stencil

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