Etsy shop income selling on Etsy this month. I share my struggles and successes of running an Etsy shop.

Etsy Shop Income And Goals January 2018

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Etsy shop income selling on Etsy this month. I share my struggles and successes of running an Etsy shop.Etsy Shop Income And Goals January 2018

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Hey there!  I just wanted to check in with my Etsy shop income and goals for January.  I reopened my shop mid-January after being on vacation mode for about a month.  To my surprise I actually got a sale right away after reopening.  So I don’t think the theory of being on vacation mode changes your SEO rank.  However, that is the only sale I got in January.

It’s normal for January to be a slow month for selling.  After the holidays everyone has spent so much money, they don’t really spend on themselves.  I’m thankful for the sale, but I’ve also been glad to have a slow start after having surgery.  I’m still recovering so I can only do a little work at a time.  Don’t get discouraged if your shop has been slow in January.  My views and visits are a tiny fraction of what they were toward the end of 2017.  They’ve even been less than they were when I first opened my shop and only had 7 items listed!

I managed to slowly get my Valentine items in my store, but so far no sales on those.  I’m not sure how many people actually decorate a table for that holiday.  I still need to work on getting some different items in my store that fit my theme.

I’m posting my Etsy shop income reports to show other Etsy sellers the struggles and successes of running an Etsy shop and to hopefully inspire you to push on even when it’s super frustrating.

Here’s my Etsy shop income for January:

1 sale  $43.97

My goals for January were:

  • Make at least 1 sale after opening my shop back up–SUCCESS!
  • Create Valentines products–SUCCESS!

Goals For February:

  • Make at least 2 sales
  • Create spring and Easter products
  • Make more money than January

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