5 Tips To Make More Sales On Etsy

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If you want to get more sales on Etsy, increase your income and make money at home, you have to get more clicks on your Etsy listings. In this post and video you'll learn ideas for how to increase sales for your craft business online using these Etsy listing tips to improve your products, photos, and search engine optimization (Etsy SEO) using the best terms and most searched keywords to increase traffic, views and sell more on Etsy. #etsylistingtips #etsysellertips

When trying to get your handmade products to show up on page one of Etsy search, there are so many factors that play into it.  Getting more clicks on your items is one of those things.  Using these tips to make more sales on Etsy will help you rank higher in Etsy search, get more traffic to your listings and make more money on Etsy.

How Do I Increase Views On Etsy?

If you want to increase your traffic and views on Etsy, you need to understand the algorithm.

Etsy shows your products to customers to see if they click on it.  How many times they show the product to customers in search is called impressions.  The number of clicks divided by the number of impressions is your click through rate.  Etsy doesn’t show us this information in our stats, but it’s an important factor in determining how high you show up in search rankings.

By getting more clicks on your products, you’ll raise your click through rate and Etsy will show your products more and more in search which will result in more sales.  If customers actually buy your products after clicking them, that helps raise your search rankings even more.

So you can see why getting lots of clicks and sales on Etsy is super important to increasing views, search rank, and sales for your handmade items.

How To Get More Clicks And Sales On Your Etsy Listings

Make sure your product is something people want to buy.

If it’s out of season or if the trend has passed, you won’t get clicks or sales no matter what you do.  If you need help finding trending products, I made a tutorial for you to find products to make that will sell FAST.Opens in a new tab.

Take the best photos you can to create listings customers want to click on and buy.

Photos can be challenging in the beginning for sellers who aren’t experienced photographers.  I struggled with my photos for about the first year and they still may not be the best, but it’s the best I can do with the skills and equipment I have.  Do the best you can to make your photos look appealing.

If you have a product that is unique and something that people really want to buy, your photos won’t matter as much, but they’re still super important to get clicks and sales.

Using words and phrases in your title and tags that people are actually searching will help you get more sales on your Etsy listings.

Don’t get too caught up in the keyword tools and end up using words that no one is using.  I know lots of people recommend using keyword tools, but when I used them for my items, almost every keyword I would use to describe my product would say it was a bad keyword.  I ended up using random words that the search tools gave me and no one ever found my listings through those search terms.  They may work for you, but be careful.

Use search terms that are relevant to your item to make more sales on Etsy.

Think of all the things you might search if you were looking for that product.  What is it? Don’t use any specific name that you made up.  Tell what the product actually is.  What is it used for?  Who would use it?  What color is it?  What material is it?  What size is it?  If it’s a set, how many are included?  What occasion or holiday would it be used for?

Using the right words and phrases will get your items in front of the people who are actually looking for them and result in more traffic and sales.

Get as many reviews as possible to make more sales on your Etsy items.

I always look at how many reviews a shop has to determine if I want to buy from them.  If there’s no proof from someone else that they’ve had a good experience with this seller, I get nervous that I may not get my item or if there’s a problem, the seller won’t give me great customer service.  When you make a sale, always ask for a review.

In addition to the social proof aspect, Etsy also ranks products with 5 star reviews higher in search.

Always ask for a review! My thank you card templatesOpens in a new tab. are the perfect way to ask customers for a review while thanking them for their purchase and giving them other ways to connect with you and buy from you in the future.

Boost your Etsy sales by making your product stand out from the others.

What can you do to make yours more appealing than the other ones like it?

Try taking different photos and make separate listings using different photos to see which one appeals to customers more. Take photos of the product on a plain background and photos of the product in use and make a separate listing for each to see which one gets more clicks and sales.

Try making your product a little more unique and special than the ones listed on Etsy.

Personalization, a more popular color, or a trending theme are a few ideas to try out to make your listings more clickable to increase your Etsy sales.

How To Win At Etsy As A Beginner

When you’re just starting out as a beginner Etsy seller, it can feel frustrating trying to get more traffic to your shop, more views, clicks and sales, but try to stay positive and know that if you keep at it and stick with it, you will be successful at selling on Etsy.

I felt defeated so many times throughout my first year selling on Etsy.  I wanted to give up sometimes, but I knew in my heart that I could do this.  Just keep going and I promise you’ll reach success and win at Etsy.

Follow the tips above to get your listings to be the most clickable they can be and make more sales on Etsy.

Tips for how to increase your sales in your handmade business so you can start making a full time income selling crafts and quit your 9 to 5 job. Ideas for how to start your Amazon Handmade or Etsy shop so that you are selling more products, what crafts to make and sell, where to sell your items, how to market your handmade items, and how to find the best crafts to sell. #handmadesellertips #sellingcraftsonline How to easily find what to sell on Etsy to make money in 2020. Starting a handmade business online is simple if you know how to find awesome products to make and sell. It's easy to make money when you know the trends and can create easy to make crafts to make sales right away. #sellingonetsy

If you're starting an Etsy shop in 2020 and beyond, you have to get clicks, views, and sales on your Etsy listings to be successful and make money. Opening an Etsy craft business is a great way to have your own online boutique to make extra cash, but you have to be able to sell your products with excellent marketing for your small business. This blog post and video tutorial show you how to make an Etsy shop listing to get tons of clicks and increase the people that buy from your store. #sellingonetsy #startanetsyshop





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