free printable sunflower templates

9 Free Printable Sunflower Templates

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I absolutely love the end of summer in New Mexico because we get these cute sunflowers that grow wild usually starting around the end of July and they last until September.  It’s kind of my signal that fall is coming (which I’m always excited about).

These free printable sunflower templates were inspired my love of these pretty little sunflowers.

I’ve included several black and white sunflower templates as well as a couple of color sunflower templates.  There are different sizes so you can find just the right one to work for your craft project.

To print out one of the free sunflower templates, just click the link for the one you would like to print and a downloadable PDF will open.  You can click download or print from there.

Sunflower Petal Templates

Small Sunflower Petal Template

This small sunflower petal template is great for making paper sunflowers as a kid’s craft or to decorate with.  This is a black and white sunflower template that can be colored in or traced onto colored paper.

To assemble the sunflower place the rounded side of each petal behind the circle and leave the pointy end sticking out.  Go all the way around the circle to create your own sunflower.

You can also put a second layer of petals on the sunflower behind the first layer if you want a fuller looking flower.

Small sunflower petal template cut out

Large Sunflower Petal Template

This large sunflower petal template is great for bulletin boards, classroom decorating or kids’ bedroom decorations.

Use the same directions as the smaller version above.

To print more petals, choose only the petals page in your print menu and print out duplicates to fill around your sunflower.

large sunflower petal template free printable cut out

free printable large sunflower stencil

Yellow Sunflower Templates To Cut Out

Small Yellow Sunflower Cut Out Pattern

These full color yellow small sunflower templates are ready to cut out and use.  No coloring or tracing required.

small yellow sunflower cut out pattern free printable

Large Yellow Sunflower Template To Cut Out

A ready to use large yellow sunflower stencil to cut out for arts and crafts projects.

large yellow sunflower template to cut out free printable

Sunflower Craft Template

This large sunflower craft template makes it simple and easy to create something beautiful.  It’s black and white which makes it versatile to use in many different craft projects.

Black and white sunflower craft template simple

Sunflower Pattern Printable

This pretty sunflower template has a unique design with some extra details but is still super simple to cut out.

Sunflower pattern printable pdf to cut out

Simple Sunflower Stencil With Leaves

This sunflower template has leaves and a stem so it looks like it’s growing right out from the ground.

simple sunflower stencil with leaves and stem black and white free printable pdf

Stencils Of Sunflowers

Small Sunflower Stencil

This black and white simple small sunflower stencil template can be used for lots of fun projects.

Small Sunflower Stencils free printable pdf

Large Sunflower Stencil

This large sunflower template has a unique center so you can create a beautiful craft.

Large sunflower stencil free printable black and white

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