Coming up with a catchy, clever craft business name idea that isn't taken can be challenging. Here's some inspiration to brainstorm a cute and creative name for your Etsy shop, boutique or other handmade business so you can make money with a memorable store.

How To Brainstorm A Craft Business Name

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Coming up with a catchy, clever craft business name idea that isn't taken can be challenging. Here's some inspiration to brainstorm a cute and creative name for your Etsy shop, boutique or other handmade business so you can make money with a memorable store.

Choosing a name for your craft business can be really fun, but you may run into some challenges.  You might find that the name you want is already taken or you’re not sure what you’ll sell so you need something that can grow with your evolving business.  I’ve put together some tips and resources on how to brainstorm a craft business name so you can find something cute and catchy to call your shop.

Tips For Finding Handmade Craft Business Name Ideas For Free

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  • Choose something unique.  You don’t want your handmade business name to be too generic like “Personalized Shirts”.  Give it some personality.
  • Name your craft business something easy to remember.  If you use something too long or difficult to remember, people won’t be able to specifically look up your business name.
  • Be sure it is not too similar to another business name.
  • Can your craft shop name grow with your business?  If you’re not sure what you want to sell or if your handcrafted business may end up selling different items at some point, be sure the name you choose for your craft store will still work.  For instance, if I used the name Cassie’s Burlap Shop, I couldn’t add something to my handmade shop later that isn’t burlap because it wouldn’t make sense.
  • Is the name you picked available?  You can check domain name availability here.  Just go to Domains at the top of the page.  If you’re opening an Etsy shop, you can check if your shop name is available when you set up your store.  I had a hard time finding a name on Etsy that wasn’t already taken.  It will give you suggestions for variations once you’ve put a name in by adding numbers and letters and changing the name a little.  You can get 40 free listings for your new Etsy shop.
  • Check to see if the craft business name you want is copyrighted.  You can check this at
  • Try to stay away from creative spellings.  So I totally made this mistake.  My craft business is called Hunny Boo Creations.  I always have to specifically tell people how to spell “hunny” and sometimes they still don’t get it.
  • Take your time and find a craft business name you love.  Another mistake I made.  Every idea I came up with was taken and I got in a huge hurry and just chose something.  Be patient and take a few days or so to decide on a name.  This handmade business of yours will be around for years and you want it to be a name you’ll be proud of.


How to brainstorm a craft business name and come up with a cute name for your craft company

  • Think of names, phrases, objects and feelings that are related to your handmade business.  You can use Pinterest or Google images to get some inspiration for words by looking at photos related to your craft.
  • Brainstorm synonyms for any of the words that you found for the above.  Choose a word from the above list and search synonyms for (your word) on Google.
  • Think about descriptive words (adjectives) that you could use in your craft business name.  Looking at photos might be helpful here as well.
  • Look up words in other languages that have a special meaning or mean something related to your craft.
  • Use numbers
  • Add prefixes and suffixes.   Some common prefixes:  my-, our-, the-, all-, in-, on-, un- .  Common suffixes:  -ly, -sy, -er, -it, -ie, -io, -am, -ia, -ora, -ero, -ist, -ism, -ium, -ble, -ify, -ous, -ing
  • Think of puns or rhymes for your craft business name. 
  • Use a word that describes what your craft is.  If you sew, you could use sewing or fabric for example.
  • Use your name.
  • Use other people’s names that are important in your life.  In my case, I used the name I call my boyfriend, Hunny and the name he calls me, Boo, and combined them.
  • Try spelling your business name backward.  If all your ideas are taken, you may be able to use a backward spelling if it works.
  • Mash 2 words together.  Think of things like Facebook (Face + Book) and Pinterest (Pin + Interest)
  • Use a free business name generator.  Shopify has a free business name generator that may help you come up with some ideas for your handmade business name.

I hope these tips for how to brainstorm a craft business name have helped you come up with something catchy and cute to name your handmade biz!  You don’t need to pay someone to name your business.  You can come up with a name for your craft company on your own for free with these resources and ideas I’ve shared with you.

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