Are You Sabotaging Your Etsy Sales With Negative Money Mindset?

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5 ideas that are causing women to not make money in their Etsy shops plus tips to change your thoughts and beliefs to make your craft business successful. Simple ways to remove your money blocks from your life to help you start making more sales from your handmade store or website and have wealth that feels natural to other people.

If you’re in any forums or Facebook groups for Etsy sellers, you’ve most likely heard people complaining that their sales are down because Etsy has changed something or blaming something else for their lack of success.  It’s true that Etsy makes changes to their algorithm and other things, but their goal is always to make the experience better for the customer so you (and they) can make more sales.  I’d like you to take a minute and think “Are you sabotaging your Etsy sales with negative money mindset?”.

It’s so easy to put the blame on someone else if you’re not reaching the success you want, but it could be that your money blocks are killing your Etsy sales.

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Is Your Negative Money Mindset Sabotaging Your Etsy Sales?

  1. Do you have negative money beliefs from childhood?  Some of these money blocks might be due to your family not having enough money when you were growing up.  Or how about those things we all say like “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”  Or maybe your parents said that all rich people were bad or stuck up and snooty.  You have to really examine these money beliefs you have from childhood and think about if they really make sense to you.  How can you turn that thinking around to something more positive?
  2. When you’re making sales, do you feel like it’s not going to last?  Last fall I was making more than I’ve ever made from my Etsy and Amazon Handmade businesses.  I made more in one month than I had made in the whole year before that.  But I sabotaged my own sales, by being so sure that it wouldn’t last.  Keeping a positive attitude plays a huge part in how your business grows.  It can be hard to completely change the way you think.  So if you’re having problems actually believing the positive, take some action.  You can create some products that you know will be perfect for the time of year coming up.  As you see the sales continue to keep coming in, you’ll find it easier and easier to believe that they will continue.
  3. Do you feel like you have to spend all of your money?  Some people feel like they don’t deserve to have money and they spend every single cent they have.  Set up a savings account and put a certain amount in it each month.  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  Even adding a few dollars a month to this account will change your thoughts about money.  Also, you’ll want to get to the root of why you feel you don’t deserve to have money and use some positive affirmations to overcome that belief.
  4. Are you surrounded by people who are broke and have a negative relationship with money?  Surround yourself with friends that are doing something similar to you and rocking it.  If you can’t do this in real life, find some business owners online that are having the success you want and make a connection with them.
  5. Do the people in your life support you and your Etsy business?  It’s hard for other people sometimes to understand that we want to work from home and make a living online.  They feel like owning a craft business isn’t a “real” career.  Unfortunately, those negative things that others might say to us leave us feeling not so fantastic and ruins our belief in our business.  You have to get strong in your own mindset and believe in yourself.  If you can, try to avoid these people that don’t support you as much as possible.

As you can see there are lots of mindset blocks that can get in the way of us making sales and having success in our Etsy business.  As you dig deeper into these things and your past with money, you’ll uncover stories that you tell yourself that could be sabotaging your ability to reach the income you want.


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