How To Spray Paint Furniture With Metallic Spray Paint

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I'll show you how to use metallic spray paint for furniture. My techniques for spray painting wood furniture are so simple! Spray painting is one of the easiest way to paint furniture.Today I’m going show you how to spray paint furniture using metallic spray paint.

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If you’ve ever wondered how to spray paint furniture, this is the tutorial for you!  I really love using metallic spray paint for furniture because it’s so easy to use.  I don’t sand the furniture when I use spray paint because it’s so durable that it’s usually not necessary.  I think the hardest part is choosing a color!

For this project I had a little trouble deciding what spray paint I would use.  I wanted to spray paint these bar stools that we picked up at a thrift store since the color really doesn’t go with our home decor at all.  We have a lot of stainless steel and black in our kitchen with  brown and tan counters and our dining room table is black.  The stools sit right in between the two rooms.  Brown, black, white or silver would just blend in too much.  Once I saw this metallic gold spray paint, I knew it was the one!Opens in a new tab.


How spray paint furniture:

  1. The first thing that absolutely has to be done is cleaning your furniture with a cleaner that will take off any oils and residueOpens in a new tab..  When you’re using metallic spray paint for furniture, any little pucker or flaw will show.  So please don’t skip this step!
  2. Allow your furniture to dry for a few minutes to be sure it’s really good and dry after using the cleaner.
  3. You can use a primer at this point if you wish, but in my experience, it’s not usually necessary when spray painting wood furniture.  Plus, we don’t use these stools all that much.  Be sure you put it on in a thin and even coat.  If there are drips in this coat, they’ll show through the metallic coat too.
  4. Next, it’s time for the metallic paint(or any spray paint you want to use)!  Spray your entire piece of furniture with a thin, even coat of paint.  Be sure to get all of the nooks and crannies!
  5. After your first coat of spray paint dries, it’s time for a second coat.  Again, you want a thin, even coat.  At this point you’ll have to determine if you have full coverage on your entire piece of furniture.  Mine needed a third coat because I was spraying outside in the wind.  So it was still splotchy after two coats. Spray paint a third coat if necessary.

Tips for how to spray paint furniture:

  • To get an even coat without drips, hold the can about 10 inches from your furniture.
  • To also avoid drips when getting in the corners and nooks, do not take your finger off the sprayer.  Keep at your 10 inch distance and keep spraying.  I find when I take my finger off of the sprayer, it’s hard to control the paint when I press it again.  This usually results in a splotch or drip.  If you do take your finger off the sprayer, start spraying again on your plastic sheeting and then go back to spray painting your furniture without removing your finger from the sprayer.  This way you can get the pressure and distance right before you start spraying the furniture again.
  • Give at least 20 minutes drying time between coats.  If you’re like me, this is difficult because I just want to get the project done.  There’s no way to have a perfect finish on your furniture if you rush it.  So be patient!
  • Be sure to cover EVERYTHING around your work area to protect from overspray.  When you are spray painting furniture, you’ll be moving at different angles and can end up spraying things you didn’t realize would get sprayed.  Unfortunately, I know this from experience!
  • When spray painting wood furniture, be sure to take into consideration the finish that you want. If you decide not to use the metallic spray paintOpens in a new tab. for furniture, there are a huge variety of colors with glossy, matte, glitter, etc. finishes.  The options are endless when it comes to spray painting these days!

I absolutely love the color that my bar stools turned out!  It’s the perfect finish, not too mirror-like.  It’s almost got a little sparkly look to it, but not glittery.  Exactly the look I was hoping for and the color is perfect for where they are placed in our home!

I really hope this guide for how to spray paint furniture has been helpful!  Please share it!  I would also love to see your spray painting projects!  Tag me on InstagramOpens in a new tab. in something you spray painted that was inspired by this post!

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I'll show you how to use metallic spray paint for furniture. My techniques for spray painting wood furniture are so simple! Spray painting is one of the easiest way to paint furniture.



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