What Can I Sell On Etsy If I’m Not Crafty?

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Easy ideas for how to start selling products on Etsy if you aren't a diy crafter. How to create an online small business and make money selling non-craft items. Make extra cash selling vintage items, print on demand stuff, and printable things that can earn you passive income while you travel. #sellingonetsy #makemoneyfromhome #smallbusinesstips

Are you tired of working at a job that you hate?  Want to sell on Etsy, but you don’t have a crafty bone in your body?  If you’ve been asking “What can I sell on Etsy if I’m not crafty?”, then you’ll want to keep reading for 3 ways you can make money on Etsy or ShopifyOpens in a new tab. without having to physically make anything.  And 2 of the ideas are passive income which means you do the work once and keep making money for years without having to do anything else!

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Easiest Things To Sell On Etsy That Are Not Handmade

Print On Demand Products

Selling print on demand products on Etsy or your ShopifyOpens in a new tab. store is so simple that anyone can do it.  You can use Printful for this.Opens in a new tab.

Here’s how it works:  The company has a bunch of products that you can make designs for right on your computer.  Then you list them in your shop and when someone buys one, the company prints your design on the item and ships it to your customer.

All you have to do is go to the Mockup Generator on their site and choose a product you want to design.  You can either make a design in another program and upload it to the product or create your design right on their site.  I personally have no graphic design skills, so their design feature is perfect for me.  It’s super easy to use.  They have fonts and clip art that you can design your product with.

There are lots of products to choose from like clothing, hats, accessories, towels, bags, mugs, so you can have a variety of things in your Etsy shop or just one or a few if you choose.  You do need to disclose in your Etsy shop if you use a print on demand to produce you products.  So be sure to do that.

The great thing about print on demand is that you don’t have to make anything!  Once the customer buys, the order is sent to PrintfulOpens in a new tab. and they make the product and send it to your customer.  It’s like drop shipping except you’ve designed a unique product.


If you have a love for vintage things and are great at finding them, selling vintage items on Etsy could be a great way to make some extra cash with non handmade items!   You can find things at flea markets, garage sales, antique stores and thrift stores.  Of course you’ll want to do some research to see what types of vintage things are selling on Etsy before you dive into this though.


You can create your own printables as a way to make money on Etsy.  You can do this in Photoshop, CanvaOpens in a new tab., or PicMonkey.

There are many printable things you can sell.  A few ideas are wall decor, wedding signs, bridal shower/baby shower signs, stickers, gift tags, baby shower/bridal shower games, calendars, planners, cards/invitations, and party decorations.

Just create them in the program you choose and download as a PDF.  In your Etsy shop you can set it up to automatically send to the customer once they purchase.

Printables are a great way to make passive income from an Etsy shop.  Once you have them designed there’s not much more to do other than answer customer questions if you get any.

You Can Sell On Etsy Even If You’re Not Crafty!

As you can see, you can sell on Etsy without making crafts.  With the print on demand and printables, you just have to design the product once and you can make passive income from it for years!  This is a great option for stay at home moms who want to have more time with their kids, but still make some extra cash or for someone who wants to live a travel lifestyle and not have to worry about making products to earn money on Etsy.

If you’re inspired to start your own Etsy shop, you can get 40 free listings to get you started here.Opens in a new tab.

If you want to start your own online store, grab your Shopify free trial here.Opens in a new tab.

Get started making print on demand products with Printful.Opens in a new tab.


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