printable fortune cookie messages and sayings

Free Printable Fortune Cookie Messages and Sayings

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 I don’t know if you love fortune cookies as much as I do, but I don’t only love them for the cute, funny, or inspirational sayings.  I absolutely adore the fortune cookies themselves.

I decided to make some fake bake fortune cookies on my YouTube channel and thought I would make some free printable fortune cookie sayings and messages for you to use if you’re making real fortune cookies or fake ones made with clay like mine.

I’ve always loved how fun the pink colored fortune cookie fortunes are.  So I included a black version of the printable fortune cookie messages as well as a pink version so you can choose which you like.

Some of these are funny fortune cookie sayings, but most are cute and inspirational fortune cookie messages to spread positive vibes and love.

These printable fortune cookie fortunes are generic and can be used for any occasion.

You’ll also find the fortune cookie sayings typed out below so you can copy and paste them and make your own fortune cookie labels if you like.

If you’d like to make your own custom fortune cookie messages, I have an editable fortune cookie message template in my shop for only $1.

editable fortune cookie sayings and messages pdf printable

editable fortune cookie messages and sayings printable pdf

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Cute Fortune Cookie Sayings

This is the full list of fortune cookie sayings on the printables below for you to copy and paste into your own document if you want to create your own fortune cookie notes to print out. 

These are great if you need to make larger size fortune cookie messages for giant fortune cookies.  This way you can copy the sayings and then make them whatever size you want in your software.

If you want the printable fortune cookie messages, keep scrolling to the next sections.

Today is the day you make yourself proud.

Expect only the best and that is what you will receive

A new friend leads to unexpected success

Doing what you love leads to living a life you love

All your dreams will come true

Happiness comes from within, not from without

A new skill you learned will bring you success

Your biggest obstacle is you

Joy comes to those who face their fears

The key to success is being willing to take the first step

The things that hurt you in the past have made you a better person

You will receive an important message from a beautiful stranger

Happiness is on its way to you

Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.

Love is waiting in an unexpected place

A new door will open that leads to success and happiness

Do not fear change.  It is the only way to the things you want.

You will learn an important lesson from a stranger

Sharing a smile with someone can change your life

The object of your desire is within your reach

Today is an important day in your life story

Magic is all around you

Unexpected good luck is on its way to you

One act of kindness can cause a lifetime of happiness

You will live a long and healthy life

An adventure is coming your way

Everything you desire is possible

Always do your best and you will win

Never underestimate the power of kindness

An admirer will reveal themself to you soon

The best things in life take time

Your generosity will lead to your riches

Everything will soon make sense

Expect good things and they will come

You cannot succeed without failing

You will see something that is invisible to others

If you eat enough fortune cookies, anything is possible

A child will teach you an important lesson today

You are admired by many for your positive attitude

Good things are coming your way

All good things come with patience

Beauty is in your heart, not on your face

Your future is bright and full of hope

Your patience will bring you good things

Dance like no one is watching

You will achieve all you desire

Your true love is sitting across from you

You will overcome difficult times

The secret of getting to the top is getting started

All your hard work will finally pay off

An old acquaintance will come into your life

Others enjoy being with you

Nothing is as bad as it seems

A gift is on its way to you

Black and White Printable Fortune Cookie Sayings

This free printable has all the fortune cookie fortunes above perfectly sized to put inside your homemade fortune cookies or fake fortune cookies.

This one is a black and white version so you won’t need color ink to use these.

Just print out the fortune cookie messages and cut on the lines to make small slips of paper that will fit in your fortune cookies.

If you want to make your lines perfectly straight, I recommend using a paper cutter like this one.

Free printable fortune cookie sayings black and white


Pink Fortune Cookie Messages Printable

This is the pink version of the fortune cookie fortunes printable.

It has the same fortune cookie sayings from above, but the text is in pink like some Chinese restaurants have.

These are my favorite and especially fun if you’re making fortune cookies for an event with only women like a baby shower, bridal shower, or bachelorette party or if you just love pink like I do 🙂

printable pink fortune cookie messages


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