Free Printable Fall Leaves Templates and Coloring Pages

Free Printable Fall Leaf Coloring Pages And Templates

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I’m so excited to share these free printable fall leaf coloring pages with you!

I love when the weather starts getting cooler and it’s time to put up the fall decorations and start doing fall activities.

I’ve made a variety of fall leaf coloring pages that can be used in a few different ways.

I’ve made some that can be used as a printable fall leaf template or stencil.  Those are the larger ones.

The large printable leaves to color can be colored in and then cut out or you can just print them, cut them out and use them as a leaf pattern to trace.

The medium size fall leaves have multiple leaves on each page.

These leaves can be used as a fall leaves coloring page or as a fall leaf stencil for a medium size leaf.

And then there are the autumn leaves printable coloring pages with more intricate designs that will most likely be best used as a regular coloring page rather than a template for cutting out.

Use these fall leaf coloring pages to celebrate the first day of fall or anytime during the fall season through Thanksgiving.


How To Print The Fall Leaf Templates And Coloring Pages

  1. Click the link for the leaf coloring page that you would like to print out.
  2. Once the fall leaf template or coloring page opens, click the printer icon in the top right corner.
  3. I’ve left margins around the coloring page designs, but if you have trouble with the edges of the leaf design cutting off, you can change your printer settings to fit the image within the margins.
  4. You can change these settings when the print menu pops up after clicking the print icon.  Go to “More Settings” and then “Fit To Printable Area”. This will make the coloring page a bit smaller to fit within your printer’s set margins.
  5. Print on printer paper if using as a fall coloring page or use cardstock if you’ll cut these out and use as a stencil, template, or decoration to hang.

Large Maple Leaf Template And Coloring Page

Use this free printable full page size large maple leaf as a template to make your own fall leaf cutouts with colored paper or color it and cut out to use as a decoration.

This large black and white leaf outline is also an excellent coloring page for toddlers and kindergarteners because there aren’t a lot of details in the picture.

Large fall leaf template coloring page to color and cut out

Full Page Fall Leaf To Color And Cut Out

Another variation of a large fall leaf stencil or autumn leaf picture to color.  This is another great fall leaf coloring page for preschool, kindergarten or toddlers because of the lack of small details.

Printable Full Page Fall Leaf To Color And Cut Out

Large Oak Leaf Pattern To Trace Or Color

Trace this oak leaf outline pattern and cut it out to make your own autumn leaf stencil or colour in the leaf image and use it as a coloring page or fall decoration.  Another great one for younger kids like preschool, kindergarten or toddlers to color in because it is easy to color.

Large Leaf Pattern To Trace

Medium Size Autumn Leaves Printable

This fall leaf coloring page has 3 medium sized leaves that you can use as a template to print out and cut to make your own pattern or stencil.  You can also use it as a coloring page for younger preschool kids with less refined motor skills.

Medium Size Autumn Leaves Printable

Small Autumn Leaves And Acorns Coloring Page And Template

This printable small fall leaves and acorns coloring sheet has multiple different leaves and sizes of leaves to color.  Includes printable maple leaves and oak leaves to color.  You can also use these as a template for small fall leaves for decorating around the house or classroom.

Autumn Leaves And Acorns Coloring Page

Free Printable Fall Tree With Leaves Coloring Page

This printable coloring page features an autumn scene with a tree and leaves on the branches and around the tree on the ground.  It’s a bit more intricate and probably best suited for kids with more refined fine motor skills.

Free Printable Autumn Tree Coloring Page

Kids And Fall Tree With Leaves Picture To Color

This fall scenery coloring page has kids sitting in piles of leaves and a tree with leaves around it.  This printable fall coloring page is great for a little older kids like mid to upper elementary.

Kids And Fall Tree With Leaves Picture To Color

Cute Happy Fall Leaf Coloring Page

A cute fox Happy Fall leaves coloring sheet with a little less detail makes it more appropriate for younger elementary students.  Awesome to use as a first day of fall coloring page.

Cute Fox With Fall Leaves Happy Fall Coloring Page

I hope you enjoy all these fall leaf coloring pages!

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