How to use YouTube To Explode Your Etsy Sales

How To Use A YouTube Channel To Increase Etsy Sales

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Video has become more and more popular and YouTube is the go-to place for many people for education and entertainment.  Today I’ll share with you how to use a YouTube channel to increase Etsy sales and make more money from your craft business.

The key strategy for using a YouTube channel to increase Etsy sales is to start a YouTube channel for your Etsy shop that educates or entertains your ideal customer.  Having searchable content on YouTube that your target customer is interested in will allow them to become aware of your craft business, get to know you and lead them to buy your handmade products.

As more people turn to YouTube for answers to their questions and to be entertained, the opportunity to get your small business found and known by thousands or even millions of people continues to grow.

As small businesses you have a huge advantage right now over businesses in the past because you can market your Etsy shop for free by starting a YouTube channel for your Etsy shop using searchable content marketing targeted at your ideal customer.

Using YouTube video as a marketing tool for your Etsy shop allows your customers to know, like and trust you and your craft business so they feel more comfortable buying from you.  They know the person behind the brand.  It turns one time customers into raving fans that buy over and over again.

How To Use A YouTube Channel To Increase Etsy Sales

Make Your YouTube Channel For Your Etsy Shop’s Target Customer

In order to make more money in your Etsy shop using YouTube, you have to know who your target customer is.  By having this information, it will allow you to make videos that your audience can relate to and that helps them.

You’ll become their go-to source for what they need and your handmade products will be in the forefront of their minds when they are ready to buy.

How To Identify Your Target Customer For Your Etsy Shop

If you’re a brand new Etsy shop and don’t know who your target customer is:

  • Try thinking about what type of person would use your product
  • What problems do your Etsy products solve?  Who would need those solutions?
  • Is your product related to a job, hobby, or certain lifestyle?
  • Is your product related to a country or area of a country?

If you have an Etsy shop that is already making sales, but you want to increase your sales:

  • What are your current and past Etsy customers like?
  • Look at the profiles of people who favorite your items and buy your items on Etsy to see clues about their age, lifestyle and where they live.
  • Look up your customers on social media to learn about them.
  • If you have an email list, email your customers and ask them what they struggle with most.

Answer Questions Your Etsy Shop Target Customer Has On Your YouTube Channel

Now that you know who your target customer for your Etsy shop is you can start to help them by making videos on YouTube answering the questions they have and solving their problems.

By answering questions and being helpful you can market your Etsy shop on YouTube without seeming like a scammy salesperson.

In order to do this you have to really get into the mind of your customer.

How to find your customer’s pain points and questions:

Usually customer pain points can be broken down to four categories

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Relationships
  4. Health

Think through each category and how your products can help with those things.

Your products may help with one category or multiple ones.

What questions do your ideal customers have?

What are they struggling with that you can give them answers to?

Make YouTube videos answering those questions and show how your products are the solution to their problem.

Now you might be thinking that your product doesn’t solve a problem.

I thought this about the products in my first Etsy shop.  I didn’t know who my ideal customer was and my products were home decor placemats.

But I realized that my products did solve a problem.

They were helping women bring their families together around the table and creating a stronger relationship with family and friends.  They also help women create a beautiful home that they feel proud of and feel joy and comfort in.

Your products may not be a solution to a super painful problem, but they still help in some way.

To market my Etsy shop I could have started a YouTube channel about home decorating, entertaining, or cooking.

Talk About Or Mention Your Etsy Products In Your YouTube Videos To Increase Sales

Since you’ve now found what your customer struggles with and how your Etsy shop products are the solution, make them aware of your products.

You don’t have to be a pushy salesperson.  Just simply mention your Etsy product in your YouTube videos and that there will be a link below in the description box or if it’s appropriate you can go into more detail about your product.

Only you will be able to determine which approach is right for each video and situation.  Do what feels good to you.  If you feel uncomfortable about it, that will come through in your video and customers won’t want to buy.

Always position your Etsy items as a solution to a problem rather than seeming like you just want to make a sale.

Link To Your Etsy Products In Your YouTube Video Description To Allow Customers To Buy

The description box for your video is where you want to put the keywords for your video to be found in YouTube search, a summary of what your video is about and links to where you want your customer to go.

  1. Link to your Etsy products you talked about in your YouTube video. This gives them the opportunity to buy the solution to their problem.
  2. Link to your Etsy shop. This allows them to see the other products you offer.
  3. Link to a freebie you offer for them to get on your email list.  If you can get them on your email list, you can sell to them over and over again plus build a relationship with them so they know, like and trust you.
  4. Link to your social media profiles you’re active on.  Social media allows you to make a connection and get to know your customers better and for them to get to know you better.

Direct Your Etsy Customers To Your YouTube Channel To Get More Sales

After a customer buys from you, you can turn them into a loyal fan and repeat buyer by connecting with them further with your YouTube videos.

Watching your YouTube videos will make your customers feel like they know you.  They’ll be impressed by your helpful videos that solve their problems and answer their questions and keep coming back for more.

If you sell physical products in your Etsy shop, send a thank you card with your YouTube channel link on it.

If you sell digital products in your Etsy shop, set up your Etsy receipt to include your YouTube channel link or send an Etsy message after their purchase to thank them and include your YouTube channel link.

Also include your YouTube channel link in your Etsy shop announcement, about section and shop banner.

Why YouTube Is The Best Place To Market An Etsy Shop

YouTube videos stay on the platform forever.  They can be searched for years after you make them which makes it so beneficial to market your Etsy shop on YouTube.

You also get a snowball effect because the more engagement you get on your YouTube videos, the more they get shown to new viewers.  This means your videos keep growing year after year as more people watch them which can get you more sales on Etsy for years to come growing your Etsy business over time.

I hope you can see the huge value in marketing your Etsy shop on YouTube and how it can lead to an increase in sales for your craft business.  I know it might sound scary and overwhelming to get on video in front of the whole internet, but I promise it gets easier with every video you make.

I was so scared in my first videos and I’m still not 100% comfortable.  But I know the value of using YouTube to market my Etsy business, increase my sales and make more money in my Etsy shop and it’s so worth the minor nervousness I feel when I see that I’m really helping people live their best life and in return I get rewarded with more sales.

Providing real value to your Etsy customers on your YouTube channel makes it a lot easier to feel comfortable when you see the difference you’re making in people’s lives.

How to use YouTube To Explode Your Etsy Sales

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