How to make printable worksheets for kids

Easy To Make Educational Worksheets To Sell On Etsy Or TPT

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When I was teaching preschoolers, I always needed new ways to teach them different things like their ABCs, counting and their colors.

I decided to learn how to make my own worksheets for my class and I’m going to show you how you can do the same so easily using a simple and easy-to-use tool, Creative Fabrica Studio.

There are so many different types of worksheets you can make.

Some ideas for printable worksheets are:

  • Matching worksheets
  • Math worksheets
  • Spelling worksheets
  • Color recognition worksheets
  • Number recognition worksheets
  • Puzzle worksheets

I’ll show you a few ideas here so you can put your imagination to work and create some amazing ones to use for your class or to sell on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers.

What I like about Creative Fabrica is that the subscription is all-inclusive.

You pay a small fee and have access to all of their clipart, classes, AI image creator, and Studio to create your own projects.

What’s even better is that Creative Fabrica images and fonts come with a commercial license so you can use them any way you wish.

* This post is sponsored by Creative Fabrica but all of the ideas and opinions expressed here are my own.  I only share brands with you that I use and love.

How To Make Printable Worksheets Using Templates

You’ll need to open Creative Fabrica Studio to get started.

When it’s open, you’ll see templates you can use.

Scroll down and you’ll see a “Worksheets” section.

You can choose one of the worksheet templates that fits your needs.

How to make educational worksheets screenshot

Using these templates makes it so easy to create a worksheet, but you’ll want to change the elements to make it your own.  You cannot sell these templates just as they are.

Click on an item you’d like to remove and a toolbar will appear near the top.

how to make printable worksheets to sell screenshot

You can select the trash can icon to delete any unwanted items.

Use the graphics, elements, or patterns tabs on the left side to find other graphics to add to your worksheet.

I used the graphics tab to find some cute pictures to use on this worksheet.

how to sell workbooks, making a worksheet

You can change the font style by clicking on the text and looking on the left side of the screen where the font menu comes up.

Use the drop-down menu to select a different font and type in the text you like.

selecting a font for your worksheet

How To Make A Printable Worksheet From Scratch

Now that you’ve got a feel for making a worksheet using a template, let’s try starting from a blank page.

Open a new project in Creative Fabrica Studio.

Choose the “Notebook” page which is 8.5″x11″.

how to make worksheets for preschool

For this one, let’s use Creative Fabrica’s Spark AI to generate our own unique images for the worksheet.

Go to the Spark AI tab on the left and type in a description of what image you’d like it to make for you.

how to make worksheets using AI

I typed in “cute dog smiling” and got some really cute results.

I did the same for a cat, frog, and bird.

I lined up the images vertically on the to make a worksheet to sell on Etsy

I added text boxes with the names of each animal on the right, but out of order so kids can match the image to the word.

how to make Matching worksheets for kids

I used the font menu to select a font that I used for the entire page.

Don’t forget to add a name line at the top of the worksheet for kids to write in their name.

How To Make A Coloring Worksheet Printable

You can also upload your own images into Creative Fabrica Studio by using the “Uploads” tab on the left.

I went to Creative Fabrica’s main page and looked for some back-to-school outlines to use as coloring images in my worksheet.

how to make worksheets with clipart

You’ll want to download your clipart to your computer and unzip the file.

downloading clipart to make a worksheet in Creative Fabrica

Back in Creative Fabrica Studio, we can upload those images into the “Uploads” tab.

uploading images into Creative Fabrica Studio

Click the images you want to use in your worksheet.

I lined mine up vertically to use for another matching worksheet.

creating a coloring worksheet

Add text boxes by using the “Text” tab on the left.

Type in your text and choose a font from the menu.

For mine, I added the letters A, B, and C for the first letter of each image I used.

how to make a coloring worksheet

Be sure to add instructions at the top of all of your worksheets so kids know what they’re supposed to do.

Add the line for their name at the top as well.

Use the Share button at the top right to download as a PDF.

Now you have three beautiful worksheets to sell or use for your class!

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